Bangkok or bust: Local gang’s reign of terror and violence escalates in Sai Mai

A community within the Sai Mai neighbourhood of Bangkok is living in fear after being targeted by a gang wreaking havoc with violence, weapons and homemade bombs. This information got here to the forefront following a complaint lodged by a 71 year old woman, Lim Jaemsin, who has appealed for assistance after a collection of terrifying occasions, together with her grandson’s conflict with his ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend, that unfolded this month.
One such incident occurred yesterday round 5pm when Lim and her family provided details concerning the situation to the investigation officers at Sai Mai Police Station. The violent group not only brought on chaos but also fired weapons at their home, destroyed property and damaged two parked motorcycles. All of these incidents have been backed by CCTV footage which clearly showed the miscreants who’re suspected to be acquainted with the household. They are believed to be former associates of the grandson who used to often visit their house.
Fear of the gang’s return remains, given that a related event had happened around midnight on August 7, when a gaggle of eight people on four bikes appeared close to the scene. Two of them climbed off their vehicles, walked up to the bridge near their house and threw a ping-pong bomb on the home, before fleeing the scene.
A similar scenario unfolded on August 13, around 5.40am, CCTV footage shows, when the gang lay waiting near the bridge and upon confrontation started to shoot.
On the identical day, sounds of heated arguments could possibly be heard which later became a full-blown shootout. Another digital camera angle picked up the voices, with an individual yelling “Press, press, press,” adopted by three gunshots. The final thing audible was a shout of “quiet,” and “damn,” adopted by another gunshot. The violator’s getaway automobile was captured on digicam, reported KhaoSod.
According to Nirand Ke-ngeaw of the Sai Mai Thong Rod staff, the gang targeted the house of the claimant in Soi Phumsinthan 50. Various items of evidence, including bullet shells from the perpetrator’s gun and damages caused to the motorcycles, have already been gathered upon preliminary investigation.
Officials consider that the event could also be linked to another incident involving two teenagers shot in Bang Khen, Bangkok. The bikes used and the clothing they wore throughout both incidents had been startlingly similar.
Endorsed fear for his or her safety, hence the Sai Mai Police Station was contacted to extend patrols across the victim’s residence. Upon visiting the crime scene, Nirand and his group recognized that the incident happened close to a canal path about 1 metre wide. Spray-painted circles indicated where two bullet shells have been discovered, one was 50 metres away whereas the other was about 10 meters away from the house.
The incident occurred around 5.15am on August thirteen, when Lim heard noises outside her house. On investigation, she discovered two strangers hitting parked bikes. When she shouted on the perpetrators, considered one of them retorted again earlier than taking pictures 4 rounds at the house as they retreated in course of the bridge. Here, a waiting car picked them up. One of the miscreants occurred to be an acquaintance from the times when her grandson was dating his present girlfriend.
About every week before the incident, a bunch of 4 motorcycles were parked on the bridge, and a ping pong bomb was thrown in direction of their snooker desk which was located about one hundred metres from the house.
It is believed that the same males were answerable for both incidents. The victim’s grandson had fallen out with the suspect over issues regarding selecting up and dropping off the suspected man’s girlfriend. This led to a quantity of confrontations, the woman breaking apart with the suspect, and the victim’s grandson being blamed for the breakup. .
From the information gathered via the investigation, both legal events occurred 15 minutes apart. The Sai Mai incident occurred around 5.40am, whereas the Bang Khen incident occurred round 5.55am. In both incidents, a motorcyclist wearing a pink shirt was captured by CCTV cameras, including weight to the speculation that the identical group was behind the crimes..

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