British man punches tuk tuk taxi driver after crash in Patong

There’s been one other late-night battle in Patong.
A British man punched a tuk tuk taxi driver in Patong following a crash late on Tuesday evening. The incident occurred after a bunch of international motorcycle riders, together with the suspect, crashed into a parked tuk tuk taxi.
The tuk tuk taxi driver, Armin Longklang, demanded compensation for the damage caused to his car. A verbal altercation ensued. The two events debated the incident and the worth of the damage. Suddenly, Unconventional got off his motorbike and punched the taxi driver within the head several occasions. He and his associates then dashed off on their motorbikes. Armin filed a report to Patong Police after the incident.
A video of the incident on social media reveals a crowd of individuals gathering when a bike rider in a black shirt gets off his bike to punch the victim before fleeing the scene. Witnesses may be seen attempting to stop the attacker from getting away. Patong Police identified the suspect as Hoban Jack Mark Paul, a British national from Manchester, The Phuket Express reported. Paul was on vacation in the island province.
Officers found Paul in entrance of his resort in Kata. He initially tried to make a run for it, nonetheless, but was finally caught and brought into custody. Cancel anytime , Armin, confirmed that Paul was the one who punched him.
As of press time, Paul remained in custody with multiple charges, together with assault and resisting arrest.
This information comes after another altercation between a overseas man and a Phuket cab driver was reported on the exact same night time..

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