China espresso store buyer shocked as falling ceiling fan hits head

A chilling moment was experienced at a local espresso store in China’s Sichuan province lately when a ceiling fan abruptly fell, hitting a man squarely on the pinnacle. The unsettling incident, which was caught on the shop’s CCTV, happened on July 6 in Leshan City.
Yuan, the unfortunate customer concerned, had solely settled down for a relaxing café expertise when he found himself the sufferer of this surprising occasion. Seated comfortably along with his coffee, Yuan was abruptly caught off guard when the overhead fan got here plummeting down, crashing straight onto his head.
The preliminary confusion and shock led Yuan to imagine he was the butt of a malicious prank. Overwhelmed with anger, he was planning a retaliation, but a look in the course of the ceiling introduced the grim reality into focus. Interesting realised that he was not a prank sufferer but an unlucky casualty of the ceiling fan’s unexpected descent.
Although the impact did not cause severe accidents, the café owner did not take Yuan’s well-being frivolously, instantly arranging for him to be taken to the hospital for an intensive examination. It was a aid when the docs confirmed Yuan’s injuries were solely surface-level wounds. Following enough care, the injured man was capable of return home within the morning hours of the same day, reported Sanook.
In a tragic flip of occasions, Taiwan was struck by an unfortunate incident that raised severe considerations about the safety of high-rise structures. A young life was lost when a 30-kilogram air conditioner plunged from a building, claiming the life of a promising university scholar. Read more HERE..

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