International student survival: Girl trapped in toilet escapes after six-hour ordeal using tweezers

A six-hour struggle for survival unfolded as a global scholar discovered herself trapped inside a toilet with no one to assist her. The student ingeniously used a pair of tweezers to carve a hole in the door, finally managing to kick the door open and free herself. This incident, a stark reminder of on a regular basis hazards, sparked intense debate when reported.
The worldwide student survival incident occurred in Melbourne, Australia, where a Chinese scholar, surnamed Wen, had just moved into an house. Being new to the place, she was unfamiliar with the services, and inadvertently locked herself within the rest room. With the only key in her possession and her phone battery depleted, she had no method to call for help.
Initially, Wen known as a good friend for help, however as she had the only key, her friend was helpless. With her phone battery exhausted and no different left, she needed to devise a means out of her predicament. Surveying her environment for something that could assist her, she observed a pair of tweezers within her reach and started to quickly carve a hole within the wood toilet door.
Wen revealed that she was lucky to have a picket rest room door as she could use the tweezers to carve a sizeable hole. She then poured water into the hole to soften the wood, continuing this course of for two hours. Eventually, she collapsed on the floor, feeling dizzy, hungry, and chilly. But, decided to escape, she determined to get up and kick the door. Her efforts finally paid off as she made her method out of the toilet, reported KhaoSod.
She confessed that the considered the incident nonetheless terrifies her. She used her naked feet to kick the weakest a part of the picket door with all her would possibly until it broke open.
“I was stuck from 1pm to six.30pm, and my foot and leg are injured.”

Following the harrowing expertise, she is now more cautious about her surroundings and advises everybody to tell their relations and associates about their whereabouts, in case of emergencies.
A video documenting the incident exhibits the ground covered with handwritten notes, written by Wen in both Chinese and English on toilet paper, hoping somebody passing by may assist. However, she managed to escape on her personal ultimately. The picket door was left with a large hole, big enough for a petite particular person to crawl via.
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