Kuwaiti rider’s downhill sprint leads to street spectacle in Pattaya

A Kuwaiti bike rider’s recklessness was a dramatic scene on the streets of Pattaya, Thailand, as he misplaced control of his bike whereas dashing down a slope, leading to an accident and accidents. The incident unfolded because the Sawang Borriboon Meaung Pattaya Rescue group was summoned to the scene after receiving a misery name from a involved local.
Upon arrival, rescue officers discovered a gathering of roughly 30 to 40 Kuwaiti bike riders, who quickly dispersed upon recognizing the rescue team. Amidst the scattered group, one injured Kuwaiti man remained, left behind by his companions, nursing wounds across his body.
Well respected injured foreigner, in seen ache, cried out for assistance because the rescuers reached him. Swiftly providing essential first aid, the staff then transported him to the Bangkok Pattaya Hospital for further medical attention. The rescuers reported that the Kuwaiti rider’s excessive pace on a sloping street led to a loss of control, inflicting the crash onto the roadside. The incident advised the risk of a race among the many group that led to disaster.
Unfortunately, this isn’t an isolated incidence. In the recent past, confrontations between Kuwaiti riders and locals because of highway incidents have turn into a recurring theme in Pattaya.
Last week, an altercation sparked between a gaggle of Kuwaiti riders and locals in Pattaya culminated in a Thai man in search of compensation from a Kuwaiti rider. The disagreement escalated as associates from either side intervened, resulting in a brawl.
The Kuwaiti motorcycling community’s antics continued, as they blocked a Thai rescue staff try to transport an injured pal to a hospital, creating a stand-off that required substantial negotiation before medical assist was accepted..

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