Man is heartbroken after boyfriend steals over 200,000 baht of gold equipment

A Thai man filed a complaint with the police in Samut Prakarn province close to Bangkok yesterday after his boyfriend stole over 200,000 baht of gold equipment.
In less than , a 69 yr previous man named Songchai “Noobird” Maicharoen, allowed reporters from Channel three to go to his home to conduct an interview regarding the theft case. The home of the alleged thief’s boyfriend, a 28 year previous man named Geng, is situated only 50 metres away from Noobird’s house.
Noobird revealed that he and Geng had been in a relationship for about six months, and had no idea that Geng had a habit of stealing as he was introverted. On the day of the incident, Geng was at home alone because Noobird visited a neighbour. Upon returning residence, he found that Geng was already gone, alongside with his useful belongings.
Noobird additional disclosed that Geng knew where he stored all his gold accessories. The stolen gadgets included three gold bracelets, one gold necklace, one gold ring, and a watch value over 200,000 baht. Geng has not returned to his home and blocked Noobird’s cellphone and social media accounts.
Noobird disclosed that he allowed Geng to wear his watch and gold ring but he apparently didn’t take pleasure in wearing them. He always left them behind saying he felt uncomfortable when wearing them. He did not count on that Geng would do this to him.
Noobird urged Geng to return again and return his gold belongings adding he’ll drop the cost if he returns. If not, he’ll let the police prosecute Geng.
Geng’s uncle spoke to the media regarding the problem and stated that he was unaware of his nephew’s whereabouts. He had noticed Geng carrying gold accessories earlier than he went missing and assumed that Noobird had given them to him. Although he did not inquire about it, he wondered in regards to the extent of Noobird’s affection for Geng, because the items were valuable.
The uncle clarified that he meant to stay impartial. If Geng contacted him, he would persuade his nephew to return the stolen items. Furthermore, he asserted that Geng wouldn’t have taken the belongings without Noobird’s permission to put on them..

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