MFP member alleges demise threats from Pheu Thai Party worker

Move Forward Party (MFP) Rakchanok Srinork yesterday revealed she obtained demise threats from an employee of former Pheu Thai Party MP Wanchalerm Ubumrung.
The Bang Born district of Bangkok MP took her first steps on the political ladder in May’s General Election. Her victory was a shock as a end result of the world was previously a protected Pheu Thai Party seat beneath Wanchalerm.
Voters acknowledged that her close relationship with the area’s residents played a crucial function in securing her victory. During the election campaign, Rakchanok’s unique approach to connecting with voters gained attention on Thai social media. She and her staff engaged with voters in different residential areas and promoted MFP insurance policies on pushbikes.
Despite the electoral defeat, Wanchalerm displayed good sportsmanship by congratulating Rakchanok. Rakchanok reciprocated the gesture, expressing her respect for him as a senior politician. Wanchalerm continued his community engagements even though he misplaced his Parliamentary seat.
However, not all Pheu Thai Party supporters took the defeat gracefully.
Recently, a Thai man claiming to be an employee of Wanchalerm shared an image on Facebook, displaying Rakchanok mendacity on her back during a gathering in Parliament on her telephone. In the caption, he accused her of disrespecting Parliamentary proceedings.
“What is this place? Parliament or theatre? Please respect the place. I have a headache when seeing this.”
Rakchanok responded to the post on Facebook.
“Why does Wanchalerm’s worker all the time have issues with me? Bro (addressing Wanchalerm), whenever you do something good, I help you spread it to the common public. It happened many times once I was an MP candidate until I acquired the position.
“In the image, I was trying up the Regulations of the Parliamentary Assembly (2020) on my phone and there are not any rules prohibiting me from doing so. Bro, you used to sit down there earlier than. Could you please educate your worker that you could feel stiff if sitting nonetheless in a chair for a protracted time like that?”
Unusual added that she works for the people seven days every week and says she is assured that her endeavours are worthy of her wage paid by Thailand’s taxpayers.
Rakchanok suspects that the one that took the picture of her lying down may be a member of the Palang Pracharath Party, who usually sit close by her in Parliament.
Rackchanok later shared that the person personally contacted her and threatened to harm her. She additionally posed a screenshot of the dialog on social media. In the dialog, the man said…
“Delete the publish. I need you. Do not blame me if anything occurs. If I am gonna do something, it will be hurtful. If you proceed to love your life and are scared to die, follow what I tell you, delete it immediately!”
Rakchanok replied…
“He is now threatening to kill me. If something occurs, the public will know. Wanchalerm, you’re a good individual and at all times assist folks. But in case your employee is like this, and you ignore it, people will misunderstand you.”
As of now, Wanchalerm has not addressed the problem or taken any action relating to his employee’s behaviour..

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