Owner of mansion in Thailand angered at rumours it’s haunted

The proprietor of a grand, allegedly haunted mansion in northeast Thailand‘s Nakhon Phanom province came out to dispel rumours surrounding the house.
The dilapidated constructing, belonging to the descendants of local the Aristocracy, garnered consideration after it was reported to be price millions. The owner has confirmed that the house has by no means been haunted and has never served as a repository for human ashes. Plans for refurbishment remain unsure, although a variety of provides, including certainly one of 10 million Baht, have been made for the property. The owner asserts that people spreading false information should provide an apology or face authorized penalties.
Yesterday, local authorities in Nakhon Phanom offered an update on the case, stating that the massive two-storey mansion, located in Nakhon Phanom province, has gained consideration as a end result of ongoing rumours about its haunted standing. The building’s proprietor, 64 yr outdated Klin Melon Metula, a retired nurse, and her husband, 65 yr old Chai Ratana Metula, a retired teacher, have expressed their dissatisfaction with the media’s portrayal of their property. They claim that the news reports have not solely invaded their privateness by publishing photographs with out permission, however have also led to public misunderstanding.
The couple has approached the local authorities to lodge a criticism in opposition to certain media shops for spreading untrue info and publishing unauthorised pictures of their personal property. They demand an apology and have threatened to take legal motion if the shops are unresponsive.
Klin claims that the allegations of a haunted house have annoyed her and believes that the journalists have been merely attempting to promote a story instead of presenting the reality. Report , which is more than 30 years previous, has by no means been in any paranormal activity. Klin originally constructed the property to function a trip home until her brother, who lived at the property, handed away in 2016. Now, it serves as space for storing for her household. Klin and her husband have rejected a number of provides to purchase or lease the property, as they wish to keep the home in the family.
The mansion additionally options three duplicate stupas, designed for spiritual worship by the locals. The owner insists that these buildings are solely for worship and have by no means been used to store human ashes..

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