Phuket man arrested with over 10,000 meth drugs

There’s been one other methamphetamine bust in Phuket’s primary city district this week. Border Patrol Police arrested a man within the Rassada sub-district. They seized 10,504 meth drugs from him, along with crystal meth.
The police arrested Ban at the entrance of Soi Bang She Lao on Thep Kasattri Road, The Phuket Express reported. They then brought him to Phuket City Police Station to face charges of unlawful possession of Category 1 medicine with intent to sell.
This news comes after police discovered some meth drugs in a man’s minivan in Patong earlier this week. Items found in the car included 9 meth drugs, a gun, 10 bullets, a knife, and an axe in a man’s automotive in Patong.
Phuket has had a few meth busts this yr. In August, police seized 2,770 meth drugs, together with roughly 1,293 grammes of crystal meth, from a person in the primary metropolis district. He was allegedly part of a larger drug network, which included sellers in other provinces. He admitted to police that he was paid 20,000 baht every time he transported medicine and that he had accomplished so three times. Unconventional was on high of a few other meth busts in the identical month.
Meth continues to be the most popular, low cost, and readily available illicit narcotic in Thailand and all over Southeast Asia, the place the artificial drug commerce is booming.
Last yr alone, multiple billion meth tablets had been seized within the east and Southeast Asia, based on a report released by the United Nations. It is taken into account the “drug of greatest concern” within the region by the UN..

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