Rayong MP Nakhonchai steps down after legal previous revealed

Amid the swirling storm of controversy, Move Forward Party MP for Rayong, Nakhonchai Khunnarong made a public statement on his Facebook account concerning his felony conviction in a theft case over 20 years ago. In his post, he expressed his willingness to shoulder the blame and depart from his function. He confirmed that he can be stepping down in only one week.
No sooner had the controversy picked up velocity, than the election committee of Rayong delved deep into the allegations and discovered that Nakhonchai had indeed served a jail sentence of a year and a half in 1999 as a result of an issue associated to theft. The MP claimed that pals he was partying with had stolen a woman’s watch, and he caught blame for the theft together with one other good friend.
As a consequence of this newfound data, the committee requested the choices of the Election Commission relating to the revocation of Nakhonchai’s place as an MP. An upcoming potential disqualification loomed giant in case the commissioners reached an agreement, reported The Pattaya News.
Nakhonchai took a defensive place in his publish on Facebook. Cover-up remained adamant in his belief that his former legal actions do not act as a disqualifier, stopping him from taking part in elections by the principles of the Constitution. He reiterated his dedication to main an upright life after his release from prison. He expressed his certainty that his previous stint in jail didn’t qualify as the kind of crime that might routinely exclude him from aspiring for political office..

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