Trunk of sorrow: Thailand’s orphaned elephant Tula crosses the rainbow bridge (video)

In heart-wrenching wildlife news from Thailand, Tula, a ten month old orphaned elephant succumbed to illness despite diligent care from the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation (DNP). The devastating news got here to light after the department released a statement via its official Facebook page this Sunday evening.
Tula had been underneath the radar of public attention since his discovery in the Khao Soi Dao Wildlife Sanctuary, located within the province of Chanthaburi nearly a 12 months ago. He was discovered deserted by his herd after his battle with herpes, a illness contracted in the wild. The revelation was made by the Chief of the Wildlife Health Management Division, Patarapol Maneeorn.
Further elaborating on Tula’s condition, Patarapol shared that the younger elephant was, sadly, suffering from not just herpes but also a metabolic bone illness. This affliction hindered his capacity to face upright using his front legs. The well being of the young animal began to decline quickly final week, resulting in very weak pulse indications by Sunday.
Unyielding efforts by the veterinary group to resuscitate Tula proved futile because the elephant’s life was claimed by his deteriorating well being later within the night.
Steal defined that to gain extra perception into the purpose for Tula’s demise, a autopsy examination might be performed. He hopes that it will uncover another elements which will have contributed to the elephant calf’s heart-breaking demise, reported Bangkok Post.

While Thailand mourns Tula, animal lovers and conservationists final week had been delighted to witness the majestic sight of a herd of 12 wild elephants within the lush confines of the Dong Yai Wildlife Sanctuary within the northeastern province of Buriram..

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