Who is eligible for a 50,000 baht 10 yr LTR visa in Thailand? The fantastic print.

Today, Thailand’s Cabinet announced that the fee for a 10 yr Long Term Resident visa can be halved from one hundred,000 baht to 50,000 baht to draw foreigners with ‘high potential’ to reside in the kingdom. Not only has the charge been lowered, however the eligibility criteria has become more “flexible,” in accordance with Deputy Spokesperson for the PM’s Office Ratchada Thanadirek. The Cabinet hopes the modifications will increase overseas investment and enhance the financial system in these early post-pandemic months.
The LTR visa is targeted at four teams of foreigners: 1) wealthy foreigners 2) retirees 3) working foreigners and 4) specialists. All groups are welcome to convey their spouse and up to four children, as long as the youngsters are beneath the age of 20.
More have totally different requirements to get the visa…
Groups 1 & 2: Wealthy Foreigners and Retirees
Groups 3 & 4: Working Foreigners and Specialists
The modifications will come into effect ninety days after the Cabinet’s official announcement within the Royal Gazette.
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SOURCE: Workpoint Today
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Note: Unvaccinated travellers require a unfavorable RT-PCR check outcome 72 hours before travelling..

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