Campaign to encourage pregnant girls to get vaccinated starts

Thailand is rising its efforts to vaccinate pregnant ladies. They have recently kicked off a marketing campaign to encourage pregnant girls to get vaccinated. From yesterday till October 13, the Ministry of Public Health plans to vaccinate as many as 100,000 pregnant girls, says Deputy Public Health Minister Sathit Pitutecha.
Sathit says that pregnant girls are inherently weak as they’re more doubtless to develop severe signs, which lead to dying or cause untimely birth, an consequence that could have long-term results on the event of the child. Thai PBS says high medical payments may be a outcome for un-vaccinated pregnant ladies. A survey of Covid infections amongst pregnant women advised that 6 weeks after giving start within the time since April 1 of this yr, over three thousand girls have been discovered to have Covid, seventy three women died, and 154 newborns were discovered to have contracted Covid.
Strange says that not enough pregnant women have been vaccinated. The physician attributes the small quantity to considerations in regards to the effectiveness or safety of the vaccines. Dr Suwanchai says that is why the marketing campaign has been started to induce pregnant ladies to get vaccinated and minimise the prospect ladies will develop a severe illness or die from Covid.
Dr Suwanchai went on to say that vaccines will assist enhance the immunity for unborn babies. He says that women who are over 12 weeks pregnant can contact their closest hospital for a free vaccine till October 13. From August 29 to September 9, virtually 70 thousand girls have been vaccinated. This quantity contains about fifty four thousand who received their first dose, about 15 thousand who have had their second dose, and 179 who received a third dose.
At the beginning of the month, there was a reported increase within the variety of pregnant women who died from Covid. Back in August, figures indicated that Covid associated deaths in Thailand are 2.5 occasions larger in pregnant girls.

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