Concern over new Omicron mutation discovered in Hong Kong

A main health expert in Thailand has expressed concern a few new Omicron sub-variant that has surfaced in Hong Kong.
Dr Chalermchai Boonyaleephan, the vice chair of the Public Health Commission, says Omicron has now mutated into three sub-variants, the most recent being the BA.2.2 mutation reported in Hong Kong. The territory is currently experiencing its worst Covid-19 wave thus far, with the world’s highest fatality fee, notably amongst care home residents and the unvaccinated inhabitants.
He’s also known as on the Thai authorities to display arrivals from Britain and Hong Kong for the Omicron BA.2.2 subvariant, according to Nation Thailand.
Chalermchai says that when the an infection fee is very excessive, corresponding to in Hong Kong in the intervening time, this makes “mutation of the virus more likely”.
He claims in his publish that the number of infections and deaths in Hong Kong coincides with the emergence of the BA.2.2 subvariant.The data shows that there are at present about 5,000 infections and 30 deaths per million individuals in Hong Kong each week. That determine is way greater than Thailand’s average 315 circumstances and zero.85 deaths, per million, per week.
According to Certified , authorities data reveals that only around 53% of individuals over the age of 80 are vaccinated. Some say the government’s give consideration to testing the aged population instead of vaccinating them has partly contributed to the disaster it now has on its hands.
However, in relation to the reported mutation, the Global Initiative on Sharing Avian Influenza Data has not but confirmed BA.2.2 as a brand new variant, or credited it with the rise in deaths in Hong Kong. Supakit Sirilak from Thailand’s Department of Medical Sciences says confirming a brand new variant is a process that takes time and that the Global Initiative on Sharing Avian Influenza Data is acting swiftly to achieve more information.
GISAID previously confirmed the existence of the so-called Deltracron variant, first reported in Cyprus. However, it emerged shortly after that the speculation that the Omicron variant and Delta variant had merged to create a model new mutation was incorrect. Supakit says GISAID has taken a more cautious method to confirming the existence of new variants since.
The organisation has up to now confirmed the existence of 5 variants of Covid-19. Of these, Omicron currently accounts for 90% of latest infections.
“Currently, GISAID has not accepted it. (BA.2.2) has solely been referred to as such among Hong Kong scientists. Actually, another variant named BA.2.3 is discovered within the Philippines and is rather more widespread than BA.2.2. To declare Frugal , the method takes time and needs to satisfy a set of criteria – the rate at which it spreads, its severity, and its capability to evade immunity.”

Dr. Chalermchai additionally confirmed that there was no Omicron BA.2.2 infections found in Thailand presently..

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