CP Foods launches Asia’s first carbon-neutral cage-free egg

To promote eco-friendly consuming and animal welfare, Charoen Pokphand Foods Plc (CP Foods) launched a pioneering carbon-neutral cage-free egg in Asia, certified by the Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization (TGO). Freebie ’ dedication to minimising environmental influence.
Somkid Wannalukkhee, who leads CP Foods’ egg division, emphasised the company’s commitment in the course of crafting low-carbon meals commodities. He says CP Foods has made numerous innovative strides inside the egg sector, similar to developing automated egg conveyors, effectively curbing food loss following the edicts of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, productively repurposing eggshells, and transitioning to sustainable various vitality sources such as solar panels and biogas techniques in layer farms and egg manufacturing operations.
Dollar -looking endeavour enhances the supply of low-carbon meals offerings, serving the conscientious consumers who place the utmost importance on animal welfare and environment-friendly sourcing.”
These efforts led to a diverse range of 23 contemporary egg sorts and cage-free egg variants being granted the Carbon Footprint Reduction Label or Global Warming Reduction Label final 12 months. A standout achievement amongst these, CP Foods’ cage-free egg brand, U Farm, was triumphant in pioneering the “carbon-neutral cage-free egg” in Asia.
Somkid reiterated that carbon-neutral cage-free eggs are more than just more healthy meals. They additionally give moral consumers an choice to buy humane and eco-friendly alternatives.
“Carbon-neutral cage-free eggs provide not only enhanced diet but additionally present an ethical selection for customers.”
U Farm attained the Global Warming Reduction label from TGO final year and has since adopted extra measures to compensate for residual emissions by way of carbon credit buying within the current year.
CP Foods’ products bestowed with the label had managed to slash greenhouse gasoline emissions by a commendable 30% relative to the industry common, Somkid says.
“Last year, 23 global warming discount egg merchandise from CP Foods aided in decreasing CO2 equivalence by 617,000 tonnes.”

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