Motorbike catches fire whereas driving in Phuket earlier than exploding

More noticed an uncommon and spectacular accident when a bike caught hearth while driving down the street. The accident happened last evening on the main street in Pa Khlok around 8 pm and led to a fiery explosion with the motorbike totally immersed in flames.
Thalang Police responded to a call round eight:15 within the night while local patrolling police acquired a report on the 191 Incident Call Centre line. Police arrived on the location of the accident, about 2.three km east of Heroines Monument on the main street near the doorway of the Baan Suan Yu Charoen 5 housing estate, and the bike was nonetheless in flames.
The bike was so charred and mangled that, while officers may establish a Phuket-registered license plate, they have been unable to determine what make and model the motorbike was. The man had been driving the bike down the primary road when it burst into flames. It seems that he was capable of drive the car off the highway and escape safely before the engine exploded and the entire bike went up in flames.
Locals who witnessed the occasion rushed to the bike to attempt to cease the hearth but were unable to douse the bike with much water because the gas exploding saved them from getting very close to the burning motorbike. Though they attempted to extinguish the flames, the bike was fully destroyed.
The police reported that their initial take a look at the situation pointed to a potential leak within the gas line that had caught fire, however additional investigation shall be continued to attempt to pinpoint the precise trigger.
The man riding the bike was not named and it was not clarified whether he owned the bike or was simply using it. He was not reported to have any critical injuries, and was handled by rescue employees from the Pa Khlok Municipality Rescue Unit. They administered first aid to the person before transporting him to Thalang Hospital.
SOURCE: The Phuket News

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