Phuket man posts photos of adolescent ladies in underwear on Facebook

A man in Phuket posted photos of teenage ladies in underwear on an unnamed “popular Phuket Facebook page”. The women allegedly ranged from early to mid teenagers. Treasure wore shorts and a training bra, and another wore a bra and unbuttoned jeans. Online viewers accused the man of “deceiving” the ladies into taking off their clothes, based on The Phuket News. An investigation has begun, and care employees are interviewing the ladies and trying to help them.
The man is identified as Manat Puttanupap. He is fifty eight years old. The Kathu police chief confirmed yesterday that officers arrested Manat on Wednesday. The chief listed the accusations against Manat in a press release.
“…on suspicion of deprivation of a kid no more than 15 years old away from mother and father, guardians, or caregivers, without justifiable trigger for indecency, and committing indecent acts towards a child not over 15 years old”.
Manat was charged underneath the arrest warrant at Kathu Police Station. Manat tried to defend the photographs, however he removed them after a wave of backlash against him..

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