Police seek for foreigner for rape of Khon Kaen masseuse

A manhunt is on for a foreigner accused of the assault and rape of a masseuse in a massage parlour within the Muang District of Khon Kaen. The man was described as sporting trousers and a pink T-shirt and driving a purple motocross bike with out license plates. He is suspected to be the identical one who was aggressive and profane have one other therapeutic massage store on Maliwan Road and also to have molested a schoolgirl in Ban Phai district later that same day.
The beating and rape incident occurred on Monday morning at the Dee Na therapeutic massage parlour on Rob Muang Road and the masseuse is a forty five 12 months outdated Lopburi native who just returned from residing and dealing in Australia for the past seven years.
The suspect is believed to not be a local as it appears he’s driving without a license plate and committing offenses throughout the realm. Verify is described as possibly an Australian man 45-55 years outdated. Model has issued a warrant for the unidentified man’s arrest and police are looking native guesthouses and motorcycle shops.
A witness was in entrance of her house across the road from the therapeutic massage parlour and noticed the man exit the store and get on his pink motocross bike, smiling at her as he put on his driving gear and left. Someone later observed water overflowing from the shop and he or she referred to as the proprietor in Bangkok to use wifi-enabled CCTV to see the masseuse laying naked and bleeding inside after the brutal beating and rape.
The masseuse had been beaten and choked and was transported to Khon Kaen Hospital the place she ultimately regained consciousness but has not been in a position to give police a proper statement.
The shop where the person had been suspected of more aggressive behaviour stated he visited on Sunday, the day before the incident, and again on Tuesday, the day after the incident. The incident where he molested a schoolgirl ended when she screamed for help and the man was seen fleeing within the direction of Nakhon Ratchasima.
Those with any info related to the case can contact the Tourist Police hotline at 1155, Immigration Police hotline 1178, or the 24-hour hotline 191..

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