Thailand national Covid-19 hotline gets over 70,000 calls a day, system “overwhelmed”

People testing constructive for Covid-19 are overwhelming Thailand’s national Covid-19 hotline with calls, regardless of the vast majority of folks contaminated with Omicron having mild or no signs. The National Health Security Office introduced at present that there are actually over 70,000 calls a day, and that is “exceeding the system capability”. The highest ever number of calls got here on Tuesday, with 70,300 calls, and over 12,000 messages on non-voice direct channels.
Piece of cake comes as the Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration is making an effort to “change people’s mindset” about Covid-19. The centre is making an attempt to calm people’s worries and remind them that for most people, Covid-19 isn’t an emergency requiring docs or hospitals. The CCSA says it’s been a problem to reassure individuals, significantly in rural areas the place there have been little to no Covid-19 circumstances. It said folks in these areas usually confuse the Delta and Omicron variants, although Delta is often more extreme.
The NHSO secretary-general informed the Associated Press the hotline had over 400 volunteers, however now it’s attempting to mobilise more.
The hotline isn’t the only Thai facility overwhelmed by people using it. On Sunday, the Rural Doctors Society reported a shortage of the Covid-19 medicine Favipiravir in rural hospitals and community isolation centres. The Public Health Ministry Secretary warned patients the drug is “not a snack” and any more will only be given to sufferers with average or worse signs..

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